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Juggle Thermal Lunch Bag Fit All Containers - Jugglebox

Juggle Thermal Lunch Bag Fit All Containers

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Enough junk fast food? Tired to wait for the meal delivery? Do yourself a favor by bringing a healthy meal. Just pack your meal in our container and carry it with one of these stylish lunch bags.

Our insulated thermal lunch bags secure the freshness of food for 6-8 hours either on hot or cold days thanks to the double-sided foam aluminum lining. The lining is BPA free, food-safe, and non-smelling. You can always enjoy the native deliciousness without any tolerance. Worry about the leakage? just wipe with the tissue. That's easy.

This meal bag is generously spacious. It can hold one large 3 compartment container, or two of single/two-compartment containers, plus a bottle of water, leaving sufficient room for snack, tissue, knife, and fork, and more...  

Neatly sewed with waterproof, tear-resistant, and UV block fabric, equipped with sturdy two-way zipper, our meal bags are intended for durable use, like our food containers.

Our lunch bags are designed for multi-pose use. Their exquisite design and quality make it a great gift for your loved one.

Time to grab yours now!


  • Size: 20x28x8cm (LxWxH)
  • Weight: 130g


  • Thermo Insulated
  • Tear Resistant Fabric
  • Easy Clean Food Safe Lining 
  • Water Proof and leakage Proof 
  • Two Way Zipper
  • Fit 1x 3 Comp. or 2x Single/Two Comp. Containers