6L Brown Paper Durable Insulated Thermal Lunch Bag

6L Brown Paper Durable Insulated Thermal Lunch Bag

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Made from Dupont paper this unique addition to your lunch time is going to blow your socks off!


  • 100% Brand new high quality
  • Color: Brown
  • Size: 20cm*11cm*25cm/6L
  • Used look and feel

Du Bangzhi is also known as kraft paper, and the DuPont paper bag has the following characteristics: 

1. DuPont paper is completely environmentally-friendly and dispelling material. After burning completely, only water vapor and carbon dioxide are left.

2. It can be folded at any time, easy to carry and light in weight. It can be waterproof, resistant to tear, and can be cleaned repeatedly. Aging resistance, high strength, no tear, waterproof and breathable. You can resist the light and keep the food fresh.

3. Adopt DuPont paper with completely environmental protection and heat preservation pearl cotton interlayer. There are also environmentally friendly and high-quality 3mm pearl cotton covered aluminum film bladder.

4. The product has the functions of heat preservation and cold preservation. It can keep fresh food locked and heat preservation.
Product function: heat preservation, cooling

Product uses: for work and school bags, supermarket shopping stall, picnic bags, milk preservation bags, etc.

Material: The aluminum coating of DuPont paper +3mm pearl cotton