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HuePrep Collection: Jugglebox's New Colourful 3 Compartment Containers:

Are you looking for a way to make your meal prep easier and more fun? If so, you might want to check out HuePrep collection, Jugglebox's new line of colourful meal prep containers with three compartments. HuePrep containers come in five popular colours: blue, green, red, black and white. Each container has three compartments: two of 236 ml (8 oz) and one of 470 ml (16 oz). These containers are perfect for preparing and storing your lunches for the whole working week.
colourful 3 compartment container
Here are some examples of how you can use HuePrep containers to create delicious and balanced lunches:

Monday: Blue container for a light and refreshing meal.
- Chicken and vegetable stir-fry with brown rice
- Greek yogurt with granola and berries
- Baby carrots and hummus dip

Tuesday: Green container for a balanced and healthy lunch.
- Turkey and cheese sandwich on whole wheat bread
- Mixed green salad with cherry tomatoes and dressing
- Apple slices and peanut butter

Wednesday: Red container for a protein-packed snack
- Pasta salad with tuna, corn and olives
- Cottage cheese with pineapple chunks
- Chocolate chip cookies

Thursday: Black container for a satisfying lunch
- Quinoa and black bean salad with avocado and lime juice
- Hard-boiled egg and cheese stick
- Grapes and almonds

Friday: White container for a delicious and nutrtious meal
- Sushi rolls with salmon, cucumber and cream cheese
- Edamame beans with soy sauce
- Banana bread

As you can see, HuePrep containers make meal prep easy and fun. You can mix and match different colours and foods to suit your preferences and mood. Plus, they are stylish and affordable, so you can show off your lunch at work or school.

Happy meal prepping!

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